Cheats and tricks – Dead Trigger 2 Guide

Cheats and tricks - Dead Trigger 2 Wiki Guide

MadFinger presents one of the most awaited game known as Dead Trigger. It’s a zombie one player shooter game. It is available for iOS devices and Android platforms. Dead Trigger 2 is a sequel of the real zombie hunting game known as Dead Trigger.

This game has come with a lot of new features such as interesting story line, cool graphics, new and unique stages and some of the incredible bonus weapons. It will help the player to maintain his attention throughout the game due to the awesome features. It contains both easy and difficult stages. At the beginning, it seems extremely hard to beat the stages but as you move forward you will see that they need to be defeated in order to upgrade the weapons. As a player your main task will be to save the world from the attacks of Zombie. So it can be said that this game is all about fun and thrilling experiences.

You can upgrade the tech guy, gunsmith and in the end three main weapons which will permit you to beat the stages in an easy way. In order to get a more information about how to play it in an effective manner, following tips will help the players

  • Kill Zombies with Headshots:

One of the best way to go in first person shooter is always the Headshots and this is all which you have to do in this game. So in other words, it is suggested to kill the zombie with headshots. Killing a zombie with headshots simply means that you can earn more gold coins.

  • Always Run Away from the Red Skull Icon:

Whenever you see a red skull icon, try to run away faster. It can be sign of upcoming danger in a form of zombie.  So it is recommended to run away from the opposite side because it can keep you safe from the zombie for the time being.

  • Steer clear of Blasting Zombies:

In Dead Trigger 2 , there are few zombies which can get explode if the players shot some bullets upon them and remember if they explode while still they are around their area it is quite possible that it will cause you some damage also. So it advisable to maintain a safe distance before killing the exploding zombies.

  • Upgrade Health Timely:

It is necessary to upgrade your health frequently. You can maintain your health with the help of painkillers. Another secret tip is to take that painkillers before taking the damage, because it will restore your health again and much quickly especially if you take these painkillers before getting hit by the zombies.

  • Kill Zombies Near the Gas Containers:

As you made progress in the game, you will see that it become tough to kill the zombies in advance levels. But in order to make it easy, it is advisable to kill zombies by firing at them when they are quite near the gas containers.

  • Don’t Forget the TapJoy Offer:

It is suggested to not ignore register for TapJoy offer especially if you want to kill more zombies. Immediately after registering the offer, you will be provided with many different options to install free apps.  Download these apps, and then reload the game. Finally you will see some of most precious coins automatically added to your profile.

  • Scheduled Missions:

This is the thing you should focus during missions with a time limit. In every mission of this game, you will not fall short of incoming zombies. Killing them is fun but it isn’t recommended in timed missions because it can make you run out of time and you will be far away from your objective. Therefore, if the mission accomplishment in a timed mission demands you to let some groups of zombies pass, let them pass.

  • Frequent Upgrades will Help you:

It is suggested to upgrade the items frequently.

  • Lookout for the Radar:

In this game, radar play an important role for rescue missions and also for searching the enemies. It also use to locate the different objects and also use to bring the objects to a particular point both of which always show up on the top most right corner of your screen.



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